Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Assisting Nigeria’s Development Through Telecommunications

An experienced senior executive, Jay Ogor is the founder and CEO of JandL Oil and Gas and Raeanna Nigeria Limited. Jay Ogor established Raeanna as an end-to-end telecommunications company that believes in the transformative power of communication to improve the lives of people. 

In particular, Raeanna has focused on providing telecommunication infrastructure and services to rural and remote areas of Nigeria at affordable rates, realizing the benefits that telecommunication solutions, particularly broadband, can provide in areas such as health care, farming, and mobile money. With the goal of improving the quality of life in rural areas, Raeanna is currently deploying over 1,000 base transceiver station (BTS) sites throughout Nigeria, a project that began in 2017 and is slated for completion in five years. 

A collaboration with Raeanna’s strategic partners NuRan Wireless and Clear Blue Technologies, the project will also enable Raeanna to establish e-centers in various communities. These e-centers will be offer e-banking, e-clinics, and e-learning, among other services.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Steps to Becoming a Lawyer in Nigeria

For over 15 years, Nigerian-based business executive Jay Stephen Ogor has led JandL Oil and Gas in Lagos. He also serves as founding CEO of Raeanna Nigeria Limited, a telecommunications infrastructure company with over 250 employees. Alongside his various professional pursuits, Jay Ogor is working toward a law degree with a set agenda to bridge the divided gap between the poor and the rich in getting justice.

Like other areas of the world, the path to becoming a lawyer in Nigeria begins with earning an undergraduate degree from an accredited university or foreign institution. Prospective law students who pursue their undergraduate studies in Nigeria complete a bachelor of laws (LLB) degree, which comprises a five-year curriculum of mandatory courses in law.

After earning an LLB, individuals must enroll in the Nigerian Law School Bar II program, which focuses on building vocational knowledge and practical skills in the areas of criminal and civil litigation, corporate law, and legal ethics. It’s important to note that prior to starting the Bar II program, those with an undergraduate degree from a school outside Nigeria must complete the Bar I program to learn about the Nigerian legal system.

The final step toward earning a law degree in Nigeria requires that students undertake the bar exam. Those who pass receive their certificate of call to bar and are added to the Supreme Court of Nigeria’s Roll of Legal Practitioners. After a lawyer is added to the roll, he or she can legally practice law anywhere in the country.                           

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Nigerian Oil Industry

The founder of JandL Oil & Gas Limited in Lagos, Nigeria, Jay Ogor is now the company’s CEO. Jay Ogor’s management has transformed the enterprise into a multi-million dollar operation involved in drilling services, procurement, Marine services and management in the extraction of Nigeria's petroleum industry.

After more than five decades of exploration, oil was finally discovered by Shell-BP in Nigeria in 1956. Within two years, the first oil field was generating 5,100 barrels per day (bpd). The country joined OPEC in 1971, and by 2016, the oil and gas sector made up 35 percent of the national economy, and petroleum products composed 90 percent of total export revenues.

Nigeria possesses more than 37 billion barrels of proven crude oil reserves and nearly five and a half trillion cubic meters of natural gas. With a domestic demand for crude oil of only 393.1 thousand bpd, it can export 1.7 million bpd. Exports of other petroleum products result in an additional 17.9 thousand bpd.

An insurgency in the Niger Delta that began in the 1990's has been detrimental to the nation's oil industry, but it continues to remain the lifeline of the economy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Only Golden Set in the History of Modern Tennis

Jay Ogor established Raeanna Nigeria Limited in 2002 and continues to lead the telecom infrastructure company as chief executive officer. He also functions as the chief executive officer of JandL Oil and Gas Limited, also in Lagos, Nigeria. Beyond his professional activities, Jay Ogor enjoys staying active by playing tennis and reading.

In tennis, winning a set 6-0 is uncommon, but not exceptionally rare. However, winning all six games without dropping a single point, an accomplishment known as a golden set, is virtually unheard of, particularly at the professional level. This was exactly what Kazakhstan’s Yaroslava Shvedova managed to do against Italian Sara Errani in their third-round meeting at 2012 Wimbledon.

Shvedova’s golden set is notable for several reasons. It was the first-ever golden set recorded on the women’s tour, as well as the first golden set ever seen at a major tournament in the modern era. Shvedova managed the feat in just 15 minutes, making it one of the shortest sets in tennis history.

Perhaps most impressive is the level of Shvedova’s opponent, Errani. The Italian was seeded No. 10 at the tournament, has a career high ranking of world No. 5, and had reached the finals of the French Open the previous month. Shvedova dropped four games in the second set, but ultimately advanced to the fourth round with a 6-0, 6-4 victory.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

An Overview of JandL Oil & Gas Marine Support Service

Jay Ogor is the founder and chief executive officer of both JandL Oil and Gas Limited and Raeanna Nigeria Limited. In his position with JandL, Jay Ogor oversees the distribution of various services, including marine support services.

The JandL team has extensive experience in areas of marine support. Having established strategic partnerships with some of the world’s top saturation and diving services providers, the company is capable of addressing a wide variety of underwater engineering needs. In addition to diving and engineering support, which may range from pipeline installations to corrosion protection, JandL works in areas of underwater construction, inspection and testing, and maintenance and repair services. The company’s inspection services include complete seabed studies, while maintenance activities encompass general repairs, as well as anode replacements and cathodic protection surveying.

The JandL marine support staff consists of trained diving technicians and experienced engineering personnel. More information regarding the company's qualifications and marine support offerings, as well as a variety of additional services, is available at                           

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Energy Support Services with JandL Oil and Gas Limited

For the last 17 years, Jay Ogor has served as chief executive officer at Raeanna Nigeria Limited and JandL Oil and Gas Limited, both located in Lagos, Nigeria. With JandL, Jay Ogor oversees the provision of various oil and gas industry services, including an array of energy support services.

Tank farm construction services at JandL have been carefully designed to interface with a number of popular third-party systems, allowing the company to adjust its level of support based on an individual client’s specific needs. Tank farm construction services can be effectively paired with a number of tank gauging and leak detection systems, as well as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Other accommodated third-party systems involve fire protection and injection and blending systems, to name a few.

JandL leak detection and pipeline management solutions, meanwhile, are powered by the industry’s latest technologies. In fact, the JandL multipurpose, ultrasonic flow meter has been recognized with industry awards as a highly effective leak detection and fiscal metering tool. The ultrasonic flow meter not only alerts users to potential leaks, but also helps locate the source of the leak.

Other energy services offered by JandL include complete flow measurement, 3D pipeline management, and leak detection for crude products and gas pipelines.                           

Thursday, October 12, 2017

JandL’s Marine Support Services

A seasoned senior executive, Jay Ogor is the CEO of JandL Oil & Gas Limited, a Nigerian company engaged in marine and upstream services. Since founding JandL in 2002, Jay Ogor has turned the company into a multibillion-Naira firm providing services such as engineering, procurement and construction, drilling support, instrumentation and transmission, pollution control, and marine support.

JandL’s marine support services have a proven industry track record, and its capabilities include the leasing of tugs, barges, and platform supply vessels, as well as marine vessel servicing and repair, transportation and haulage, marine engineering and construction, and marine subsea services. Its subsea services can perform both shallow and deepwater undertakings.

Through its strategic alliances with a number of the world’s top saturation and diving services firms, JandL offers the Nigerian oil industry players operating offshore and underwater fields with a full range of engineering and diving services. These include underwater concreting and grouting, seabed studies, and pipeline installations, among others.